What to Expect

Our Priority in Worshipping Together


Little Log Church is a community of believers that gather together to praise and worship God as part of the body of Christ (Eph 1:22-23).  Our church is a place for focusing on relationship with God and each other (Heb 10:24-25). It is also a place of preparation to serve.  It is our mandate from Christ to go out to a world that needs the light that we reflect (Mark 16:15-16). In our worship together we joyfully sing the faithful hymns of the past and contemporary songs rooted in the Scriptures.

Each worship service begins with, “It’s good to be in the Lord’s house, on the Lords day, with the Lord’s people. Why? Because it is all about the Lord.” We gather together as sinners who need a savior, and have been called by the savior to eternal relationship with Him. Our God has purchased relationship with Him through the sacrifice of His only Son Jesus Christ, paying a debt that we could never have paid. He took our punishment upon himself and clothes us in His righteousness, not for anything we have done, but for everything He has done (Eph 2:8-9).

We are a family-integrated church. We believe families benefit from worshipping together. Children worship with their families and learn what it means to grow together in faith, maturity, and service in our church body. It is our goal to support families in training up their children, not to supplant their responsibility for leadership.

Our People Who Need Jesus and Each Other


There is a stone wall in our sanctuary. The rocks that make it up are rough and imperfect. There is nothing beautiful about the individual stones, but together they make a structure that holds up the bell we ring every Sunday. This is a wonderful picture of the members of our church. Like that stone wall, we are a group of sinners made up of a variety of backgrounds. Each bears the scars of experience, and these scars fit together and are united with the mortar of Christ’s love to build a solid structure. God revealed himself to each of us while we were still sinners (Rom 5:8-10). We strive to be authentic with each other, because this is how God sees us. An intimate congregation is one of the many advantages of our small church because it does not allow us to hide from each other and prompts us to invest in each other’s lives.

Prayer together is essential for our growth and impact in our world. We regularly communicate prayer requests and answers each week. In each weeks worship service, we are deliberate in how we pray throughout our time together. And once a month we also plan a time in service for sharing our praises and requests in prayer together.

We stream our church services each week, but the real blessing of our church is provided through fellowship of gathering and worshipping together, fostering an opportunity to pray together, share trials and triumphs, and discuss what God is teaching us. We hope you will join us.

Our Mission as Lights in our Community


Jesus calls us to Follow Him and He will make us ‘fishers of men’ (Matt. 4:19). As Christians, we are called to be a Kingdom of Priests (Rev 1:6). Serving in this role requires preparation and practice to answer God’s call as he provides divine appointments. We desire to actively practice our faith in full view of the world. Little Log Church seeks to equip our congregation to share the reason for the hope we have with others with gentleness and respect (1 Pet 3:13-15).  We prayerfully seek God’s direction to be His lights in our community.

Our Preaching and Study in God's Word


Little Log Church preaching is expositional. Each Sunday, Pastor Bill teaches verse by verse through a book in the Bible from a reformed perspective. Each verse is carefully unpacked so that the congregation explores the full and complete message without shying away from difficult or socially inconvenient passages (2 Tim 3:16-17). We typically read from the English Standard Version, but our members use a variety of translations. Every few weeks, the church service will be structured as an interactive discussion to address questions, discuss key points, and again provide opportunities for our congregants to publicly express and test their views in the light of scriptural truth.

Our bible studies are inductive and highly interactive. Study leaders foster discussion of the bible text, rather than provide a lecture. We promote questions, and provide the opportunity for all to offer answers. We learn how to study the scriptures, examine multiple perspectives, and learn together as iron sharpens iron (Prov 27:17).